Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Other Careers I Might Enjoy

Now let me start by saying that overall I like and enjoy my job.  It's not a bad place to work, I get along with most of the people, and during the fall it's a beautiful drive, all 1 hour and 20 mins...each way.  This morning however, while trying to ignore the headache that was coming on,  I thought about some other dream professions that I might enjoy. 

The thought started with a conversation that I'd had with a friend earlier this morning.  We were each talking about our weddings and all the things we had each done for our own wedding.  We talked about how much fun it might be to be a wedding planner.  This led me to wonder what other things I might enjoy. 

Here it goes, in no particular order.

1. Own a bakery - I have no particular specialty.  Lately I do love cupcakes, but all kinds of cookies are good too.  I have no decorating skills, but I think I could learn.  I've given it some amature tries here lately.
Margarita Cupcakes for my aunts birthday

Easter Cupcakes for dinner at a friends house
2. Party Planner - Not just wedding planner, but overall party planner.  I think I am fairly crafy and have fun idea's.  Give me a theme to work with and I'm ready to run with it.  Now the down side to being a party planner is that there is not a lot of money to be made until you get really good at it.  Then it becomes a job that takes up all of your time.  At least that's the way it appears on the outside. Guess I will stick to the occassional baby/wedding shower.
3. Full Time Crafter - I began to wonder if this is even a job.  I've determined that it must be or we would not have wonderful sites like Etsy.  Even I have a shop (shameless plug).  I could also go the route of having my own show on HGTV, but I don't see that as a likely option.  Besides I see my self more as a Martha Stewart type crafter, than an interior designer.  Do they have a crafting channel???? They should, and not one that just shows us how to iron on pictures to t-shirts. 
Sample bookmark I sell in my Etsy shop
4. Bookseller - I don't want to be like a door to door sales man, "Hello sir, would you be interested in our encyclopedia?".  I mean I want to own a bookstore.  Either a childrens bookstore or a used bookstore.  Imagine the movie You've Got Mail (llllllooooovvvveeee Tom Hanks), except in small town America.  Not in a plaza or mall, but in a house. Must have garden and tire swing out front.  Now this bookseller idea has been one I've kicked around for a while.  I mentioned it to my mom a couple of years ago and she started collecting used books so we could sell them someday when I finally open this store...isn't that hilarious.  No worries folks, she is not a horder and has started to take them to her local used book store where she recieves store credit towards her next purchase.  This is genius I think.
5. Photographer - The only major problem here is that I have NO experience in this area.  I've never takenhav a class or picked up a book on how to do this.  I  have however used my regular point and shoot camera to take some pretty good photos over the years.
I loved these butterflies

My son when he was 3

I got lucky while watching the kids on the slip and slide a few years ago

Not to far from our house
6. Lastly, and don't laugh, a writer - I could write memoirs like Jen Lancaster.  I'm not nearly as hilarious as she is, but I have a lot of stories to tell.  I have literally lived as some version of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. My mom, her 3 best friends, and me.  Someday it will come. My husband even has the name of my first book.  Can't tell you for fear somebody might steal it someday...hahaha. 

So there it is.  6 careers I think I would like to have.  Goodnight!!!!!

P.S - Wine taster! Enough said!

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