Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Good Ending To A Not So Great Day

Today was not a great day.  Any day that starts with having your car towed, the day after getting it back from the shop, is not going to be a good day. As a matter of fact I quoted one of my favorite kids books today several times, "Today is terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  I think I'll move to Australia."

This all ended when I got home.  As soon as I got home I did some of my favorite things.  First I put on my cozy clothes, including my favorite pair of cupcake print jammie pants.  Side note, I also wore cupcake print socks today. Do you see a theme here.  Next, since Mr. Sweet Life had a commitment to tend to this evening, my son and I ate left overs for dinner.  Nothing like beef with broccoli paired with mac and cheese...yum!. Lastly, I baked!!!!!

Those may look like mini chocolate cupcakes, but ooooohhhhh nnnnoooo.  They are fabulous, fantastic, wonderful cappuccino bon bons!!!!!!  It's one of those great things that you forget about, but then when they come up again you can't believe you had forgotten about them.  I should tell you now that this wonderful morsel of goodness was first brought to me by my good friend Lara.  She is an excellent cook and brought these to every party we had while we lived nearby...tear!  Thanks La!!!!!

Here's the thing about me and baking.  It's relaxing.  I know some people that dread the thought. I know some that say it's ok when they have to do it, but me I get pure joy out of it. There is something about mixing all of the ingredients in a bowl, baking it, and getting something delicious.  Let's face it, flour, baking powder, and even baking chocolate taste like crap on their own. Mix them together with a little oil and eggs, you get cake!  Who doesn't love that????

Really what made me want to bake tonight was the tub of leftover chocolate cream cheese frosting that was taunting me in the refrigerator.  I think at some point today I considered eating the frosting for dinner.  Perhaps not a great idea.  However, if you pair it with this little bite, it becomes dessert.

I can honestly say that by the time I was done frosting my bon bons I felt much better than I had at 8am.  I'd forgotten everything that bothered me today, I'd had some good laughs with my son, and good memories of good times with my friend who is so far away. So really, it was a good ending to a not so great day.  Now it's time to wrap up my tray of bon bons for my hubby to take to work tomorrow.  Maybe they will make somebodies day!

Sweet dreams all! Tomorrow will be a good day!

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